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We've shopped the market so you don't have to.

Whether you're an existing business or just starting out, we match you with industry low rates.

Using Zilment vs. Other Providers

Get access to the same payment processing but at 50% the cost, saving you thousands a year

Zilment Pricing Comparison_v11 Pricing P

* Assumes 50:50 mix of debit and credit card transactions. Ultimate effective rate dependent on card interchange fees and assessments.

Zilment Fee lock

Free Equipment

No annual fees

No termination fees

Savings Backed by Real Data

Average reduction in processing fees of over 50%


Average annual savings of

over $10,000 per business


* Reduction in average processing fees and average annual savings based on merchants that have used Zilment through December 2020. Actual results are dependent on numerous factors and may vary. 

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